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About No Black Boutique

All our stick umbrellas, ties, cufflinks, leather gloves, belts and accessories are produced in the small family workshops in Italy, France and Spain.

The owners of workshops are not expanding their business to China and Turkey, but trying to save their family business and corresponding aesthetics and philosophy of bespoke and handmade production.

One shouldn't forget that clothes covers 85% of our body and the level of its comfort, quality and beauty depends directly on our choice.

This is a kind of philosophy or way of conscious living, one of the simplest ways to show respect to the people around you.

What you pay for

• Exclusive goods • European workshops • Professional workers • A long history •

All our accessories: stick umbrellas, ties, cufflinks, leather gloves, belts are produced by professional workers in the small family workshops and factories in Italy, France and Spain.

For example «Francesco Maglia» stick umbrellas are produced in the small family workshop in Milan. Since the middle of the 19 century Maglia family produces luxury umbrellas only by customer orders. The production includes many operations made by hand: checking the quality of materials, cutting, shaft finishing, fixing cupola on the metal frame.

With proper care those umbrellas will serve you for many years.

• Handmade operations • Responsible suppliers • Natural materials • Quality •

Attempts to cheapen the production are always connected with the lack of control and usage of poor quality materials(leather,cloth material). As a result cheap accessories lose their glance very soon.

That's why we are trying to find the most responsible suppliers, who cares for their reputation and good name.

We think that it is always better to have one expensive and beautiful thing rather than ten cheap and ordinary.

Things which are made of expensive natural materials are looking even better after many years of usage and and becoming the part of your style and life.

No Black Boutique

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