Few fabrics are as evocative as cashmere. Long associated with luxury, excellent taste, and incredible quality, it’s a fabric that tells a story of its rich history and exotic origins. In addition to its exquisite softness and sheen, it is also an extremely warm fiber that is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool.

While cashmere originated in Kashmir, India, the place from which it takes its name, the production and distribution of the fine fabric is now dispersed across the globe. One of the leading manufacturers of cashmere today is Joshua Ellis, located in the United Kingdom’s beautiful West Yorkshire, which has long been a center of the textile industry in its own right.

  • Joshua Ellis luxury cashmere scarves
  • Joshua Ellis luxury cashmere scarves
  • Joshua Ellis luxury cashmere scarves

Established in Yorkshire in 1767, Joshua Ellis has been producing incredible cashmere fabrics in the United Kingdom for over 200 years. Committed to innovation and quality, Joshua Ellis has an incredible in-house sourcing team that visits Kashmir goat farms all over the world in order to source only the finest fibers.

The team at Joshua Ellis includes skilled designers, weavers, and dyers who work tirelessly to create incredible and innovative fabrics that have earned them the admiration of top designers and apparel brands, many of whom have been loyal customers of Joshua Ellis for over twenty years. They release seasonal collections inspired by current trends in women’s and men’s apparel, and also work closely with clients to create inspired bespoke designs. Joshua Ellis’ commitment to excellence reflects both the glamour of cashmere and the rich history of wool production in Yorkshire.

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